Modelling From Reference

When you are a 3D modeller, following references is very important. after much research in the pre-production phase of the studio unit, we gathered a lot of references for assets that were made in the 1980s. Since our ad is inspired by the retro theme. The first thing I realised is the difference between organic models…

Blog 13

This is the last blog for this trimester. It was fun.

Blog 11

This week was very busy. I did render setups for all the remaining shots. I finished my collab work too. I fixed a lot of issues in a lot of scenes and learned a lot about rendering and troubleshooting.

Blog 10

The challenges of rendering.

Blog 9

Lot of animation work.

Blog 8

VFX experiment and lot more updates.

Blog 5

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Blog 4

Week 4 was mental. Life of an animated student.

Blog 3

This week was good. Refining models and acting out the animatic. Had no time for any research. Thanks for watching.