My Desk and Mental Space, working spaces.

In the last blog I introduced myself. In this blog I will discuss and say on my working spaces, the physical (desk/room) and the mental working space. First I am going to discuss about my physical working space, my desk. It’s a brown desk, wooden finish and has space for my laptop,books,few pairs of headphones,laptop peripherals and space to do my drawings. This is where I do most of my work. According to Rice (2010), it is important to have a lot of space and to add somethings that add a personality to the desk. In my case, it’s a box. It is of no use but it adds something impalpable to the overall experience.


Now on to the mental working space. According to (NatureWorldNews, 2013) our brains are capable of producing images and scenarios that need not really exist in the world. Our mind can make new images from many existing images and then make a new image. All this happens in our mental working space. If I need to do any work, first I process the information in my mind and then do the physical process to get work done.

My working spaces are not the best. They need many improvements. The physical working space can be improved by better organisation. Fitzpatrick(2009) asserts that making small changes to our working spaces can make it lot better. I wish to add a small potted plant, get a better chair, add some ambient lighting to back of the desk and to add an action figurine. All these changes can help improve work efficiency. According to Sasson (2001) improving concentration can help to avoid distractions and work more efficiently.


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