What type of learner am I? Why does it matter? Let us Find out.

In this blog the topic of discussion is types of learners. According to LearningRx (2003) types of learning styles are auditory,reading or writing and kinesthetic. Each learning style has its own way of acquiring knowledge. But why is it important to know your learning style ? According to Payne, Paine, & Whittaker (2006,p.7) learning is a lifelong process. So it is important to know your learning style as it will help you to learn more efficiently and develop your unique way of studying. To understand what type of learner I am, I took some online tests. The results showed that I am a mix of visual and auditory learner. Reflecting on my studying methods over the past years of my school life it was clear to me that I am indeed a mix of visual and auditory learner.

For example, I like to ask and answer questions right before an exam. This had proved to be very helpful for me as the answers to those questions discussed in that way would always come to me easily. On the other hand, when I need to understand how a game or a machine works, I would rather see how it works than listen to how it works. Its confusing, but how I correctly understand something and remember it, changes according to the situation.

But looking at this another way, it can just be a feeling. Maybe I am more of a visual learner or I remember things When I listen to it carefully than when I see it. Either way, the end goal is acquiring knowledge and using it constructively. The way we gain it only helps to improve ourselves and work efficiently.


LearningRx, 2016. (2003). Types of learning styles. Retrieved October 19, 2016, from http://www.learningrx.com/types-of-learning-styles-faq.htm

Payne, E., Paine, E., & Whittaker, L. (2006). Developing essential study skills: AND developing essential study skills premium CWS pin card (2nd ed.). Harlow, England: Financial Times Prentice Hall.


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