How to improve learning skills by analyzing strengths and weaknesses as a learner.

Why should we know about our strengths and weaknesses ? According to PILLAY (2014) understanding our own strengths and weaknesses can aid us in understanding and improving our self.  Everybody has their own area of expertise and downfall. Analyzing myself, I find that my strength as a learner is in writing. I feel comfortable with writing. Writing has always helped me to showcase what I am capable of. I can even say that it is my playground. That sentence ironically takes me to my weakness, that is I am not an outgoing person. I tend to skip conversations in class where I may become the center of attention like speaking in front of an audience.

Knowing this, How can I work on them ? Velasquez (2015) says that only focusing on our strengths is not ideal as it cannot make us complete. If we only focus on our area of expertise and ignore our weak point, we will be unable to deal with problems where our strong point has no role to play no matter how strong it is but it is our weak point that has the major role of solving the problem (para. 10-11). So it is very important to work on both strengths and weaknesses.

From an article by Wil (2015), it is clear to me that I need to work on my vocabulary and should read more to improve writing. To improve my public speaking skills and to talk without fear, according to David (2009) I need to realize my fear, become confident in being the speaker and interact with the listeners.

To achieve these goals, I can use my college resources like the library for getting books to read and take part in activities organised by the student council where I can get a stage to speak in front of an audience.


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