The copyright infringement.

Being a creator, it is very important to guard your creation. In this day and age of digital media, it is ever so easy to get your work stolen or copied. It has happened before and will keep on happening. So how do we protect our work? How can we own work? how can we argue that we have the rights to it? That is where copyright comes into play. The topic of copyright is sometimes overlooked by many creators often due to the lack of knowledge. Peterson (2017) states that copyright provides a form of protection against piracy. This means that copyright allows you to defend your work and own one’s own work.Knowing-about-Copyright-Infringement-and-How-to-avoid-it2

Figure 1. Copyright (Newsnish, 2015)

Copyright is used more often than people think. It appears on the images of your daily paper and even in the music of your favorite Youtube videos. Does that mean you can not create anything being scared of getting sued for copyright infringement? Well not really. There is a limit for copyright. According to Bostwick (n.d.), copyright fails to protect ideas, facts, common ideologies, and knowledge. So no one can copyright the fact that 1 plus 1 is 2. It is a mathematical principle that can not be considered under copyright law.

What does this mean for the creators? Well, copyright is no stranger to me. But after discussing it n class with accurate information from the lecturer, a more profound understanding of the broad and confusing topic ahs been acquired. So it is more important as a creator to understand the value of copyright and also to appreciate the works of other creators.

Copyright Video On YouTube


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  1. Wolfiina says:

    Really well structured and clear post about copyright. Although already having knowledge of what copyright is, It became more clear to me how exactly it works and that it actually does not affect certain subjects.

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  2. Salma Azzam says:

    You showed a great understanding. This was a very informative blog post. A one creative mind myself, I could relate to this very much specially in copyright.

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  3. Simple, but yet clear and well structured.

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