Fans, helping hands.

Many people follow the actor Will Smith according to Giuliano (2015). This means he apparently has many fans. The term fans are used to classify people based on a number of factors. For example, fans can be people who like your work, follow you and your creations or even the people who support your work (“Week 10: Collaborating with Fans – Self-Directed Practitioners – Medium”, 2015). rock_crowd.jpg

Figure 1 (Drusany, 2015)

Fans can become very helpful to creators. This is more relevant currently with the uprising and penetration of social media. According to Lee (2014), self-promoting on social media is made easier with some rules. If applied correctly, it can help boost our fan base. A good fan base can help in a lot of things. Some examples are crowdfunding, fan marketing, and fan response. These are connected to social media and the internet which again has made this easy for creators, especially small creators. The concept of fan marketing is very smart as we are using people who technically admire our products to market them free of cost.


Figure 2. (Catalyst Consulting image, n.d.)

Crowdfunding is where the title of the blog is more highlighted. This doesn’t mean that all other aspects including fan response, fan marketing, and fan approval are not as helpful as crowdfunding. However, crowdfunding is a little different. According to Prive (2012), a creator with an idea or concept of a project makes an attractive and convincing message to the public and his or her fans explaining the project or product and asking for funds to complete the project. Examples are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The best part is that anyone interested in the project can help build it and get some small rewards for it. So, unlike social media, where hitting the share button does not cost anything, crowdfunding is where people spend hard earned money to support projects they like. It makes a difference.


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  1. Wolfiina says:

    Really well structured post and very good examples, but it would have been nice if you had explained the other terms too, and not only Crowdfunding.

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  2. Salma Azzam says:

    I would’ve loved to hear more on how you would’ve reflected that on your career or your space of work as an animator. Maybe would’ve been able to relate to it more as an aspiring film maker. Thank you!

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  3. lachosblog says:

    I like how you added the picture showing the percentage of each social media channels used for following and discussing sports

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