Week 4. Colors of life.

The week began with studio class A. The combined unit. After presenting the first concept designs for the characters and the environments and getting feedback, we presented the reworked concepts. The alien character concept was instantly approved and the human required a cosmetic surgery. The environments were also approved where the lecturer remarked it having a character and design after the redo.

The session continued with the coders alongside. Then came the problem of the day. The map of the game was created earlier alongside environment concept. This map was approved by the animation lecturer. But the games lecturer required some extra time to convince. As recommended by the animation lecturer, the map was presented to the games lecturer. He took a long look at it before he recommended some changes to the map. This is where communication or the lack thereof between the games and the animation department showed. The issue was that this task, like the gameplay writing task a few weeks earlier, the lecturers were not sure of who gets to do what. This is an issue that still needs some attention. Again, a lack of communication not just among the students. That part is good.

After the approvals, the task of coloring was assigned. The concepts were to be colored. I took the task of coloring while my teammate decided to do the final model sheets for starting the 3D modeling as soon as possible.

On the second class, we presented the colored alien character. The lecturer recommended us to start over. We learned how to color the concept art. It was quite an experience. The lecturer took the proper time to color and light up our alien character. Using its baselines as a reference. However, the environments did not require such high detail coloring. So the lecturer recommended using flat colors and concentrate more on the modeling part for the environment.

The last class of the week as the games session. After a very interactive and interesting session last week, I was very much looking forward to this session. But, it was more or less exciting. However, We did learn a lot about lighting. It was discussed a lot in class with real life examples. Even after all these classes, unity still feels very intimidating. This was the last class of the week, however, the week was not over yet.

I am taking the last part of this blog to talk about the Thursday evening screening session we had on well, Thursday. I was touted to be a fun movie session for the animators to hang out and watch a good movie. Trust me, the movie was good. More on that later. The overall experience was a little uneasy. I for one had to travel for one hour to get to the screening and due to Ramadan, there was no popcorn. And I had to hurry back home for iftar. They are very personal reasons, but I hope the next screening will be set in a better time. Back to the movie. The movie was a 1988 2D animated film called Grave of the Fireflies. It is a Japanese movie. However, there were subtitles. There was not even one second where I wished it was dubbed in English because the animation spoke for itself. It is a very moving film. Set during world war 2. It tells the story of two orphaned siblings and their struggle to stay alive during the dark times. That is all I can say about it.


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