Week 5. More coloring.

After learning how to paint the concept art, we decided to split the work. We needed to prepare final model sheets and also present the concept art for next session. But this week we had no animation sessions for the studio unit due to Eid holidays. So, we decided to complete the concept art and model sheets with most perfection. There was however just one class this week. The games session and I will talk about it later.

Coloring the concept art was very interesting. Following the lecturer’s instructions, I was able to come up with a finished product that somewhat looked good. The key to a good concept art, in my opinion, is patience. In my case, I learned it the hard way. After drawing the base layer fo the head and finishing it, I was very proud of it. This overconfidence made me color many parts of the body at once causing me a lot of time to correct my many mistakes. The result was that the body looked different from the head. The problem was the shadows and lighting. To mimic what the lecturer had done is wrong. I had my own way for it. But again, due to the lack of patience, I messed it up. After much trial and error, I fixed the character.

I picked the colors after discussing them with my team mate. This is a very crucial step. Communication is very important. This has helped us a lot in coming up with ideas, giving constructive criticism just to name a few. While I was coloring the characters and the environments, my teammate was drawing up proper model sheets.

After I was satisfied with the alien character, still unnamed, it was time for the big protagonist. Yes, he is actually quite big. But a very well designed character. After the alien coloring experience, I decided to take it a little slow. But there was a problem. The shadows were not as good as the other character mainly because of the structure of the face. The clothes and the rest of the body came out better than I expected. Concept art coloring was a very good experience. Me being more of the 3D person, was not excited about the coloring part initially. But it took me surprise how much I enjoyed it and more importantly learned from it. This has taught me that exploring more aspects of animation can really help me learn more of the art.

So the human, the colors were a bit more muted than the alien. But it was actually easier than the alien. Maybe it is the design, or that I was actually into coloring characters by then. With the two characters and the environment concepts finished, we are on schedule. At least for now. By next week, we have to start modeling the characters and the environment.

In the games session, we had working hours. There was a lot of questions that we had, which were all answered by the games lecturer.


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